The Warriors Game

The Warriors Game


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"Little Brother of War"

The game of Lacrosse has been a mainstay among the Haudenosaunee. The first purpose of the game is spiritual. It is a medicine game to be played upon request of any individual, clan, nation or the Confederacy itself. Iroquois Lacrosse is a holistic process that binds communities and the nations of the Haudenosaunee together. This is the reason that we say it was a gift to our people from the Creator.

Lacrosse is a "medicine" game because it promotes the health and strength of the Nation, ensuring a continuance of our tradition and an understanding of our ways. The competing teams are structured according to the clans of each nation. The game is played upon the request of any individual within the community requiring or desiring its services. There are traditional processes of preparation for the individuals who play. This requires discipline and special instruction. The process includes the understanding and use of traditional medicine gathered from the forests. Accordingly, reverence, respect, responsibility and language are fundamental to the process.

This game is traditionally played by the men but requires the participation of both men and women of the community. It requires cooperation, fair play, discipline, stamina, pride and good health. Originally, the field, with goals at each end, could be anywhere from one hundred yards to two miles long and the players could number anywhere from five to a thousand on a side.

Special Thanks, to the Iroquois National Lacrosse League for this article