Welcome To Logstown

Welcome To Logstown

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In 1749 a French Military expedition lead by Ensign Celoron de Blainville descended the Allegheny to the Ohio laying claim to the land for France and tried to secure the allegiance of the area's natives. Approximately 12 miles down river from present day Pittsburgh the French expedition visited Logstown, the largest of the native villages they were to encounter. The natives there were very loyal to their English trading partners. For three brief but stress filled days, Celoron and his men, the English traders, and the natives played a tenuous game of diplomacy, each staying close to their guns. With Celoron was the Jesuit Father Joseph Pierre Bonnecamp. We see Father Bonnecamp as he enters Logstown for the first time. The appearance and intimidating posture of the warriors that greet him gives him cause to wonder at the sincerity of his welcome to Logstown.