Songs of The Allegheny Frontier by Peter Kosky

Songs of The Allegheny Frontier by Peter Kosky


1. Simon Girty
2 .Samuel Brady Capt. Of Spies
3. Wetzel
4. Fort Henry
5. Andrew Poe and Big foot
6. Logan’s Blood
7. Hungry Mother
8. Washington’s Army
9. Winter with the Crow
10.Jim Beckworth
11. The Hairy Bucks
12. Dead fall Ridge
13. Taller and Hide
14. In Those Candy Mountains
15. I Walked in the Rendezvous

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The people that settled the border country that made up the Allegheny frontier were as rugged as the land itself. The frontier was a place of primitive beauty and equally primitive violence. It was violent for the rival tribes who often warred with each other prior to the white invasion, which only complicated matter. The French and Indian War had often pitted tribe against tribe and the Indians often unwittingly did the whites bidding by destroying each other. For the white settlers who were raised on the frontier, their lives were filled with a constant struggle to tame the unforgiving wilderness and then to protect their claims against the Indians.

It is my hope that the songs in this collection respectfully reflect this situation and to do justice to the memory of the people whose stories are told. Peter Kosky 15 songs.